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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

body awareness

Miles and I were at a strip mall, walking down the sidewalk the other day. He was ahead of me a few steps, and I watched as a door to a car stereo shop was held open for somebody leaving with packages. It was one of those moments when there really wasn't much time to react, other than thinking "I hope Miles doesn't walk into that open door. He has plenty of time to navigate and walk around it..." I'm sure I didn't think that intelligently. It was probably more like, "ah, uh, oh" Of course, Miles smacked his head into the side of the door, looked stunned, and then a little pissed. At the time I had been thinking about the fact that he hardly cries anymore, so I told him it was ok to cry if it hurt and he wanted to. He made a kind of comical, "aaaii. aaaiii. aaaaii," sound, approximating what he thought a cry should sound like. When I was in first grade, I ran full force into another kid, and I let my teacher, Mrs. Orbin know there was another kid out there surely hurting as much as I was. I had to put my head down on my desk and try not to vomit. Then my mom came and got me. For a few days I had to lay down flat on the mohair sofa, and not move my head. I had a concussion, and my mom had the impossible job of keeping me flat and stationary on the couch. They never found that other kid I ran into, and my teacher theorized that I had run into the side of the brick school building. The indiginity! I was sure she was wrong. I didn't run into the side of a building! I've been thinking about the fact that we as adults rarely run into things like that. We generally know where our bodies are. I have thought of one exception. Clothing shopping. If I buy clothes, sometimes I way undersize my real size. Particularly in my favorite thrift store, Red, White and Blue, where they don't have dressing rooms. They are such scrooges there. Red White and Blue is a whole other blog topic though.


At 12:49 AM, Blogger gl. said...

i've never even heard of red white & blue! you must enlighten me. have you been to savvy plus on hawthorne? best. store. ever.

At 1:48 PM, Blogger me said...

Why doesn't he cry anymore?

At 1:55 PM, Blogger me said...

I ran across a blog you might like -- so you can be even more initiated :)

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