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Saturday, November 19, 2005

guy fixated on getting his streets swept

Miles and I decided to go out for pizza. After having little luck finding a big enough parking space at the Hot lips pizza store, Miles and I parked on a nearby street and were going to walk. I was getting Miles out of the car when I sensed a guy behind us. He was wearing a black and white tux, or something like that, and he was carrying cheapo green plastic lawn chairs with signs taped to them. He said, "do you mind moving?" I said something like "oh, are you going to have trouble getting out, or something? " I knew we weren't blocking anybody. He said no, "I don't want anybody to park here because I want my street to get swept." (he had big piles of leaves in the road, just like everybody else) Im such an asshole, I said "look, at my face, do I look a little dubious about your street getting swept tonight?" I mean, seriously, it was Saturday night at 5:30. Nobody. Nobody is sweeping this guy's streets on Saturday night, or even Sunday. So I told him it would all work out, because we were just staying long enough to get pizza, and if he wanted we could put a chair out for him when we left, and then nobody else would be parking there. He instead said we could park in his drive way. But I was done. I didn't want to have to thank him for allowing us to park in his driveway, or any other kind of bull shit like that. We drove back to the pizza parking lot, where I successfully found parking, and I chalked up the whole thing to another crazy city experience. It is not that he was rude, or anything like that, I just thought the whole thing was ridiculous. For some reason when I first spotted this guy, I imagined that he played orchestra in a symphony and was gay, but who knows.


At 1:32 PM, Blogger gl. said...

dude! you're writing a blog! that's great! welcome!

At 3:06 PM, Blogger me said...

Yes welcome ! Feel free to read mine if you want -- but know that it is just about my feelings -- and therapy -- and whining. And mainly, be warned that I speak very openly about what's going on with M and I. So, I'll totally understand if you ignore it.

Also, let me know if you don't want me to be reading your blog--I don't want to make you uncomfortable

take care, congrats -- and welcome :)



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